Paldeck Advanced PVC Decking

Now available at Swiss Valley Fence, Paldeck™Advanced PVC Decking is the outcome of wide-ranging experience, precise process refinement and extensive testing.

Available in a wide variety of styles, colors and grains, Paldeck is a market leader combining realism, performance and ultra-low maintenance. Paldeck™Advanced PVC Decking is backed by the strongest warranties, in the industry. You will not only get a fantastic deck for your next project – you will get piece of mind.

Features & Benefits:

  • Will not mildew, rot or disintegrate
  • Safe, comfortable splinter-free surface
  • Easy to work – curve, cut, drill & fit quickly
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Manufactured using sustainable practices
  • C3 Technology – provides outstanding
uniformity and workability
  • Made in the USA