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Vinyl Privacy Fences

Bring solitude and security to your backyard with a solid vinyl privacy fence.

Whether you want to make a space all for yourself or to block unsightly views, vinyl fencing is an ideal solution. 


Interlocking tongue-and-groove panels eliminate all gaps between boards and posts, and strong vinyl materials withstand harsh weather conditions. Better yet, vinyl fences are easy to clean, meaning you can enjoy a lifetime of privacy with minimal maintenance.


Combine vinyl and aluminum fencing or add lattice and spindle accents to create your perfect style.

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Choosing the Right Privacy Fence

Not all privacy fences are created equal. Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a fence with sagging rails or loose panels? Chances are the homeowner made a few compromises when selecting the materials or fence contractor.

The Best Privacy Fence Materials

If the top and bottom fence rails don’t have aluminum reinforcement, they will sag over time. Vinyl itself isn’t strong enough to maintain its form across an eight foot expanse. And if panels are warping or falling out, it’s likely that they are not interlocked.

Swiss Valley Fence installs vinyl privacy fences with aluminum reinforced rails and interlocking panels to ensure the integrity of the fence for years to come.

Privacy Fence Installation

Proper installation is required to make sure the posts don’t heave or move, which would cause issues with even the highest quality fence. At Swiss Valley Fence, we bell our post holes, making the bottom of the hole larger than the top. This locks the concrete in place, creating a much more stable fence in the long run.   

With both high-quality installation and a high-quality product, you’ll get the most value out of your investment and have a fence that looks great for years.

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What does a privacy fence cost?

If you’re just starting to think about a privacy fence, you might want to get a rough idea of what it could cost. As we mentioned above, the quality you choose will determine the price you pay. 

At Swiss Valley Fence, we sell a top quality product that delivers a higher value over the life of the fence. Use our quote calculator to get a general idea of what it might cost to have a privacy fence installed.

DIY Privacy Fence

If you are interested in building your own privacy fence, Swiss Valley Fence can provide you with the materials. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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Privacy Fence Profiles

View our Privacy Fence Profiles below. If you have any questions about any of our panels or the installation process, please contact us.

Cambridge Classic

Heights: 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″


Heights: 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″


Heights: 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″

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Privacy Fence Photos

These privacy fence projects will provide you with inspiration and help you envision your new outdoor space.

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